More than 1 billion individuals use Facebook groups each month. However, for the world’s largest social network, that isn’t enough.

Untitled design (1)The almost decade-old service, where individuals around the world share Dank memes of the “Man United club” or can take in more about the “Syrian refugee crisis” , is experiencing an upgrade to make it less tiring for users to search for and join Groups related to their interest.

Basically, Facebook has a new feature called “Discover”, found in the Facebook app under the “More” tab and after that “Groups”. The page, available on the iOS and Android App, shows more than 25 categories, which includes parenting, sports, school, and education. Each category lists suggestions for groups based on Facebook activity, interests, and friends. Beneath that section, there is a list of friends groups and local groups.

Facebook’s objective is for each individual from the group to utilize the feature keeping in mind the end goal to discover more groups.  Facebook’s groups have been through a few major changes and iterations at the company. Back in good old days, there were groups about people’s obsessions with Facebook bumper stickers and other college-centric use cases.

In 2010, Facebook made a push and added new functionalities to groups. For instance, currently, we do have notifications’ and group messaging features. Going ahead, people can run polls, upload albums and much more. The company’s most recent update, the live-streaming video is also a part of the experience.

Apart from this feature, the Facebook group is also available as a mobile app.

We all agree to a point, Facebook never lets us down and keeps introducing innovative ideas to make the world connected.What do you think about the latest developments on Facebook? Do share with us in the comments section below.