Do you hear that?

On the horizon is coming a very different approach to design and technology, and it is the sound of the impending generation coming of age.

Generation Z, consist of born in 1995 or later or later. Including both teens and tweens, they make up 20.9% of the United Kingdom population, the largest percentage, and contribute $42 billion to the European economy. By 2020, they will account for one-third of the U.K. population, certainly worth paying attention to.

Growing up in a time of uncertainty (the post- 9/11 world, the Great Recession) and changing norms, Gen Z is mature, self- directed, and resourceful. They know how to self-educate and find information. As we learned in our own recent research on teens, 52% use Youtube or social media for typical research assignments. They are known to be driven workers.

Generation Z is a fascinating group, a huge group of diverse, multiracial people filled with a desire for altruism and driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit.