As per a fresh announcement, Google is about to make some changes to its Adwords layout soon. Traditionally, we have seen the search result page displayed with around 10 ads that are placed in a way such that three are at the top and rest of the adverts are on the right-hand side of the screen. After the update, Google will show its advertisement at the top and bottom of the results page, instead of showing them on the right-hand side. In addition, the right side will be displayed by the Product Listing Ads (PLAs) or Knowledge Graph Boxes or with blank space. Although, the number of ads may also be increased.

The Google’s new update will definitely have a great effect on all the digital markets. Today, no matter what business you are carrying out, an advertisement is the best part to promote or to sell the product. Moreover, with a change in technology and complexity for learning operations, the role of internet marketing can be seen with education system also. According to some marketing expertise, the new format isn’t a good news for advertisers.

Google has been working on this layout from last 10 to 15 years. However, sometimes 2005, they have stepped up the new Adwords layouts. This is going to come out in phases and it may take some time to complete the migration.

A Google spokesperson said, “We’ve been testing this layout for a long time, so some people might see it on a very small number of commercial queries. We’ll continue to make tweaks, but this is designed for highly commercial queries where the layout is able to provide more relevant results for people searching and better performance for advertisers.”

In digital marketing, the new format will make some of the impacts that are listed below.

1. Once the new layout is implemented, the competition is going to be hiked for the top 4 ads position as the averagecost per click (CPC) will increase. The quality of content and the keyword is the only strategy to pull through at this competition. In that case, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) need is more careful and requires continuous maintenance in order to make more organic searches.

2. After the release of new Adwords layout, you need to have more focus on the keyword. For now, the long-tail keyword will be considered more effective than the short-tail keyword, because they are easy to target. The density of keyword should also be minimised.

3. Bidding is the most crucial part that can increase your AdSense positions. From now, clients have to be more careful at the time of bidding strategies to reach their perfect goal.

Many other details are yet to come that will be updated in future. Some of the fields will remain unaffected that are listed as:

  • Niche Companies
  • Brand Based Bidders
  • Any Displays and Video Campaigns
  • Primarily Mobile Advertisers.

Well, the changes are necessary that is not only for the human life, but it is also effective for any business strategies and markets. It all depends on us that how we will take this and change our strategies to survive in a better way.