F8 2016 will be surely saved in the record books and looked back upon as another set of ideas being brought to reality.

Mark Zuckerberg in his keynote took us through Facebook’s 10 Year Roadmap with a focus on “developing a cluster of apps to share anything they want with anyone.”

Facebook’s 10-year roadmap focuses on all of the things it needs to do to help more people get online.

  • Messenger Platform

Facebook reported at the gathering that it is opening up it’s Messenger Platform which will let business create chatbots for the service. Messenger Bots will give organisations the chance to interface with clients in new and unique ways with services from subscription automation, customized communications to e-commerce purchases.

  • Live API

Leading the way to F8, it was no mystery that Facebook was setting a huge emphasis on the significance of video on social media. In January 2016, Zuckerberg expressed that users are observing more than 100 million hours of video each day on Facebook, with that number rising by the day. Advertisers can anticipate that live video will be the #1 need in the Facebook Algorithm.

  • Virtual Realty

An announcement that had the group energized at F8 was Facebook’s unveiling of their expert evaluation 360-degree video camera (flying saucer) to film virtual reality (VR) footage. This technology would be known as social VR – with software built to create a seamless 360-degree video.
Along with internet-beaming satellite, selfies in VR, teaching chatbots what to say with Artificial intelligence, latest AI experiments etc one can only imagine the endless possibilities and opportunities Facebook are looking to bring into this new era. However, we do know we are excited and inspired. Showing us a peek through their looking glass makes us wonder how many more surprises are yet to come.

Thank you, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.