60 seconds: what does it mean to you?

The feeling you have as your microwave numbers down to zero.

You’re probably not aware that every 60 seconds:

  • 250 infants will be conceived
  • Your heart will pump 83 gallons of blood
  • The universe will expand 2766.4 miles

What happens in 60 seconds on social media?

In one minute, you can send hundreds of WhatsApps.

You can make a killer Snapchat story.

You can watch 15 GIFs.

Now, let’s get precise:

1.What difference do 60 seconds make in the world of social media?

Take a minute to disguise these numbers.

Consider the amount of content shared in such a short period. Consider the scope of content, clients, and responses.

With so much innovative (and free) platforms accessible to us, social media marketing opportunities are endless.

In his article about powerful psychology hacks for social media, Neil Patel states: “Your message needs to stand out in the immense information clutter that’s shared on social media every day”.

What sort of clutter would you say he is alluding to?

So much content! How can you make your company stand out.

2. Why does B2B put emphasis on social media marketing in the first place?

Socialite Digital Media gathered all of the relevant statistics.

77% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO is on social media.

Online engagement builds validity. It puts a face to the organization. The familiarity of social media includes an extra layer of casualness to business exchanges. When you feel that there is a human nearness behind the brand, it includes a level of confidentiality.

So, if you aren’t utilizing multiple social media channels yet, it’s time to action!

Assess which platform is most appropriate for your product:

Will Twitter have the effective outreach?

Is your intended target group on Facebook?

Do you have the creativity to create an artsy Instagram account?

Keep up a solid content marketing strategy for the channels that you choose.

In 60 seconds, you could have a Pinterest image pinned or a video offer on Vine.

Take advantage of every minute.

When the next 60 seconds pass, be a part of the statistics.